Best Bow Saw For Cutting Logs [2022 Review]

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A bow saw is a perfect tool among many types of hand saw when you are planning to cut logs, wood limbs such as shrubs and other green woods. It is capable of cutting tree limbs and branches with a maximum diameter of 10 inches.

Its unique shape and sturdy straight saw blade make it ideal for the job. Moreover, its lightweight enables you to easily shift the speed of your stroke depending on the wood type you’re working on.

Here, we are going to show you a complete guide on how to choose the best bow saw for cutting logs. We will touch on its important features you need to look for to make sure it is the right one. Likewise, we included a comparison chart and an in-depth product review for our top 5 bow saw.

How to Choose The Best Bow Saw For Cutting Logs

To have a better chance of selecting the proper tool, you need to know the essential features it must have. Below are some common features you must look for a bow saw.

1. Blade Type

The kind of blade for this tool matters, for it dictates the capacity to do work. There are two kinds of blades for this saw: the peg tooth saw blade and the peg and raker tooth saw blades.

The peg saw blade tooth is intended to have an efficient cutting through hard and dry woods. In terms of looks, the blades are triangular in form and are grouped in three’s. Consequently, three triangular sawtooth grouped closely than a gap is in between by another set of three saw teeth.

Meanwhile, the peg and raker tooth style is intended for efficient cutting on wet woods. In contrast to the first type, this still has a triangular shaped sawtooth, but the groupings are in four. Each group has a one “raker” in between before the next set consisting of four triangular saw teeth. The raker is a regular sawtooth, but its tip splits into two.

2. Blade

The blade used for this type of saw is a straight one which can be removed from its bow frame. The common lengths of this blade range from 300 mm to 900 mm. The blade has enough strength to withstand the strokes for cutting hard and wet woods.

3. Teeth per Inch (TPI)

The numerical rating or number of teeth per inch (TPI) affects the fineness and ability of the blade to cut through various wood diameters. A higher TPI (18 to 32) is good for making fine cuts with woods, metals, and plastics that have a smaller diameter.

Whereas, a lower TPI (2 to 3) would give a coarser cutting finish and is suitable for resawing and cutting woods of larger diameter.

A peg saw blade tooth has a TPI ranging from 6 to 8 while a peg and raker saw blade tooth has a TPI between 4 and 6.

4. Gullets

The gullet is the round space in between the sawtooth. This is where wood wastes such as dust and chips are accumulated and removed in every stroke.

The gullets of a bow saw are deep, and its teeth are larger to have a more aggressive performance in every stroke.

5. Grip Handle

Most bow saw has an enclosed grip handle that is pistol like. This shape is intentionally made to provide a better grip for aggressive stroking when using this type of saw. It provides an excellent anti-slip ability for the user.

Quick Comparison

Top 5 Best Bow Saw For Cutting Logs Reviews

1. Bahco 10-24-23 Bow Saw

Last updated on 2023-03-24 8:44 am


  • Sawtooth: peg and rake sawtooth
  • Blade length: 24 inches
  • Handle: closed pistol type
  • Weight: 1.65 lbs


  • 24-inch saw blade
  • Strong blade tension
  • Good blade sharpness


  • Nothing so far

Best for Overall

Among hundreds of saws, this is our top pick for overall features and performance. It provides splendid cutting experience and convenience for all users.

First, the blade is 24-inch long, this is ideal for having long strokes to make a smoother and more efficient cut. Others have complained about having a hard time putting back the cover of the blade. We find this unreasonable because some have not seen the flanged side of the blade cover, which can be folded back. Consequently, this makes it easier to cover the blade.

You will have less chance of having hand fatigue because this is lightweight and the pistol grip handle feels comfortable. Moreover, the tension system of the blade is strong enough to resist breaking when cutting through hardwoods.

Nothing not to like from this best bow saw for cutting logs.

2. Truper 30257 Bow Saw

Last updated on 2023-03-24 8:44 am


  • Sawtooth: peg and raker
  • Blade length: 24-inch
  • Handle: closed pistol grip handle
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs


  • 24-inch durable peg and raker sawtooth blade
  • The excellent blade tension mechanism
  • Effective cutting for wet woods


  • Grip handle seems to be flimsy

Best for Blade Tension

This saw in our second spot is best for its blade tension system. This mechanism paired with the peg and raker sawtooth style makes it a good saw tool for cutting wet woods.

Its cutting performance is comparable to the expensive brands, but this one is sold at a cheaper price. The strength and sharpness of the blade are fairly good to accomplish its task in cutting almost all sorts of wet woods.

Considering its overall features, we find this saw tool to last for a longer time, which makes it cost-efficient.

3. Agawa Canyon Bow Saw BOREAL21


  • Sawtooth: peg and raker
  • Blade length: 12 inches
  • Handle: plastic
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs


  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Highly portable and space saver inside the bag
  • Peg and raker sawtooth and excellent blade tension


  • Smaller blade length

Best for Folding Bow Saw

If you are planning to go on camping or outing, this best bow saw for cutting logs is a perfect choice because of its folding feature, which makes it really portable and a space-saver in the bag.

Some things downsized due to its portability are its blade length and weight. It is not that bad because the saw still works as expected in making smooth cuts across wet woods. The peg and raker sawtooth style of this unit are well-made.

The tension system of the blade is enough for its blade length and weight. No worries of wobbling blade when making hard and fast strokes. It is capable of making smooth cuts across a 10-inch diameter wood.

4. Bond BS21 Bow Saw

Last updated on 2023-03-24 8:44 am


  • Sawtooth: peg and rake
  • Blade length: 21 inches
  • Handle: steel
  • Weight: 1.23 lbs


  • Balance blade tension
  • Peg and rake sawtooth with enough durability
  • Sturdy bow steel frame with coatings to increase rust resistance


  • The grip handle is not that comfortable

There is nothing extraordinary with this bow saw in our list. However, for its affordable price, you would get a decent saw tool that will help you in making your garden clean.

Based on its features, we find this hand tool perfect for light to medium cutting works. It uses a peg and rake sawtooth, good for cutting wet woods with diameters up to 10 inches.

Other customers have complained about the blade as it is flimsy, the reason they experienced the wobbling is due to not properly securing the blade tension before doing the work. This 21-inch blade and its overall strength and sharpness is totally a fair trade-off for anyone who wants a standard tool.

Besides that, the grip handle is made from steel, which does not provide enough comfort when sawing for long hours.

5. Gilmour Bow Saw 521

as of 2023-03-24 8:44 am
Last updated on 2023-03-24 8:44 am


  • Sawtooth: peg and rake
  • Blade length: 21 inches
  • Handle: steel tube
  • Weight: 1.2 lbs


  • The narrow tip of the saw tool
  • Peg and rake sawtooth, good for wet woods
  • Strong steel tubular frame
  • Safe blade tension


  • The grip handle is not that comfortable and there is no anti-slip mechanism

For a fair price, you get what you pay for with this best bow saw for cutting logs. The nice features we admire from it are its blade and the pointed tip of the saw.

The tubular steel used for the bow frame has medium strength to resist bending. It uses a peg and rake sawtooth, which gives enough force to pierce through wet woods. Likewise, the blade length and durability is of good combination. When the blade length gets longer, you need to have more durability to prevent the blade from breaking or wobbling.

The narrow tip point of the saw is ideal for cutting through narrow spaces. Likewise, the angle of the sawtooth is good for making a constant cutting direction.


This article should have helped you choose the best bow saw for cutting logs. Each of them has their features and benefits, which is why it’s better to look at individual reviews to get a better idea on what one is right for you.

Most of all, the great bow saws we reviewed bring massive benefits to you. Using these top-rated products will make your job easier. They will provide the best benefit for their great price. Compare their prices and other specifications in our chart, then pick the one that suits you the most.

Bonus Video: How to Use a Bow Saw

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