Best Tool Bags 2021 – Buyer’s Guide

Anyone can use a tool bag to keep supplies organized and easy to transport. There are many different tool bags available with tons of different options included. Many are made for professional electricians, plumbers, or contractors that need a lot of space for all their tools. Others are made that would be perfect for the general consumer.

Best tool bag makes storing your tools convenient and easy and saves you time from having to track down where you put that 3/8″ wrench.Whether or not you need a tool bag is directly affected by how many tools you have laying around your house or garage. If you just have a couple that you rarely use, the chances are that you don’t need to buy a bag to put them in. They’ll fit in the junk drawer just fine.

But if your collection of tools is ever-growing and you are constantly using them for one project or another, you might consider picking one up. One of the best reasons for owning a tool bag is that you will have quick and easy access to them whenever you need them. They will also suddenly become portable, and you can carry them all with you wherever you go. This will help out a lot the next time someone asks you for some help with a project at their home. 

I’ve put together reviews of the best tool bags available today and wrote a guide about what to look for when buying one to accompany them. Hopefully, it will help everyone make the right choice if they pick one up. Here is the buyer’s guide, and if you keep reading, you’ll find the reviews.

The 10 Best Tool Bag of 2021

(Editor’s Choice)
Bag67 pockets20.25″H x 16.5″L x 9.5″W9.2 lbsCheck Price
Custom LeatherCraft 1539
(Editor’s Choice)
Bag58 pockets14″H x 18″L x 7″W4.6 lbsCheck Price
Custom LeatherCraft 1132Backpack75 pockets17.5″H x 13″W x 9″D5 lbsCheck Price
DeWALT DWST08204Case110 lbs15.91″H x 21.45″L x 14.24″W13.2 lbsCheck Price
Craftsman 9-37535Soft Box6 pockets9″H x 13″L1.16 lbsCheck Price
Custom Leathercraft 1134Backpack44 pockets16″H x 13.25″W x 8.5″D4.6 lbsCheck Price
BLACK+DECKER BDCMTSBBag10 pockets8.5″H x 21″L x 5″W3.6 lbsCheck Price
Custom LeatherCraft 1107Bagno pockets6″H x 14″L x 5.5″W
5.5″H x 12″L x 4.5″W
1 lbsCheck Price
Stanley STST70574Bag6 pockets9.9″H x 11.9″L x 5.1″W1.46 lbsCheck Price
Custom Leathercraft 1529Bag16 pockets9″H x 16″L x 9″W3.5 lbsCheck Price

1. VETO PRO PAC Model XL – Professional Tool Bag

The award-winning Veto Pro Model XL tool bag is the star of the Veto Pro professional tool bag line of products. It has 67 pockets including 61 vertical pockets and six different zippered pockets with the ability to hold over 100 tools. The Veto Pro Model XL is the perfect tool bag for people needing to store, transport, and access a huge collection of hand tools. All of your important tools are kept the safe inside of weatherproof body fabric and a waterproof base.

The fasteners and zippers are all heavy-duty providing durability. Its ergonomic design includes an over-moulded grip and extra-wide shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is comfortable to wear and is made with a non-slip material. The Veto Pro Model XL measure 9.5″ wide, 16.5″ long, and has a height of 20.25″. This high-quality tool bag includes a five-year limited warranty.I’m sure that many of you couldn’t even fathom spending this much on a bag to carry your tools, but for someone who their tools are their livelihood, this is a solid investment. Everything about this bag screams top of the line. It’s waterproof. It has 67 pockets. All the zippers and fasteners are heavy-duty. This is the bag for someone that genuinely loves their tools and wants to keep them safe while benefiting from the portability that it offers. Pros

  • Professional grade
  • Tons of pockets and places to store all of your tools
  • Made with high-quality weatherproof materials


  • Cost is pretty high

2. Custom LeatherCraft 1539 – Large Multi-Compartment Tool Bag

The Custom LeatherCraft 1539 is a multi-compartment tool carrier featuring 58 pockets to organize all of your tools and accessories. This ultimate tool carrier provides plenty of space for putting a wide variety of tools including a large centre compartment for carrying multiple power tools that close securely with heavy-duty, double-pull zippers. It is conveniently compartmentalized making it a perfect tool bag for carpenters, plumbers, electricians, HVAC specialists, satellite and cable installers, and general maintenance technicians.

There are two large compartments on the outside that have 18 pockets each providing tons of space to keep your vast selection of tools organized. Vertical tool pockets keep all of your tools in sight so you can access them easily. Seven exterior pockets help get to tools quickly and easily. Zippered side panels stop your tools from spilling when you are carrying them.The sturdy and reliable construction features heavy-duty poly fabric in the body’s construction. A heavy-duty double-zippered enclosure on the top keeps tools in place while you’re traveling. The bag is also equipped with a padded, textured, adjustable shoulder strap and padded handles that offer a comfortable and secure grip. It measures 18″ x 7″ x 14″. The Custom LeatherCraft 1539 is a large multi-compartment carrier that is built to last.

This is a much more affordable tool bag that offers a lot of benefits. If you love your tools but can’t bring yourself to spend such a large amount on a bag to keep them in, this is a much more affordable option that is still pretty good quality.Pros

  • Another professional grade tool bag
  • Plenty of pockets and space for all of your tools
  • High-quality materials used in its production


  • Cheaper than the first but still a pretty high price tag

3. Custom LeatherCraft 1132 – 75 Pocket Backpack

Custom LeatherCraft 1132The Custom LeatherCraft 1132 is a heavy-duty tool backpack that includes 75 pockets and sleeves. It is split into sections that provide a contractor with various partitions to ensure tool group organization. It offers solutions for installers and repair technicians needing to transport tools with their hands still free for climbing ladders or carrying replacement parts. It is a great option for HVAC technicians, satellite and cable installers, stadium-lighting contractors, or any other worker needing the convenient hands-free transport of tools.

It is conveniently compartmentalized offering a design featuring pockets and sleeves of different sizes to hold many different tools like a cordless drill, an extension cord, a screwdriver, pliers, and much more. Six padded and zippered compartments provide instant access to all 75 pockets and sleeves. Several of the pockets have a hook-and-flap closure helping keep all of the tools in place. A 7″ x 5″ multi-compartment tray made of plastic is included as well.

The backpack is made from ballistic poly fabric. It is comfortable to carry with the padded and adjustable shoulder straps and two padded handles. It measures 13″ x 17 1/2″ x 9″.This is a great choice for a professional who wants a quality tool bag. The ability to carry it over your shoulder and carry it without using your hands will save you time in the long run. You won’t regret buying this one.Pros

  • It’s an easy to carry backpack for tools
  • Plenty of pockets and space
  • High-quality materials


  • Price is still a bit above normal

4. Dewalt DWST08204 – Extra Large, Tough System Case

The Dewalt DWST08204 is an extra large, tough system case. It can easily provide a modular storage solution for just about any job. If you have another ToughSystem module, the side latches let you stack them easily, and they can be carried with the ToughSystem trolley. The Dewalt DWST08204 is the perfect solution for your large capacity storage needs.

It is a beefy structural foam box with plenty of interior space. The durable structural foam is 4mm thick. There is a built-in water seal in each one that protects the contents and provides a long life for all of your equipment. There are vertical storage and a removable tray that are both great for hand tools.This tool bag is built more like a tool box. If you have any of the other products in the ToughSystem family of products, this will go nicely stacked with it. It’s strong, durable, and can hold plenty of tools.Pros

  • Durable plastic case for your tools
  • Made to be portable
  • Can be used with other ToughSystem products


  • A little bit heavier and harder to carry than other products

5. Craftsman 9-37535 – Soft Tool Box

The Craftsman 9-37535 is a soft tool box with a wide opening design. It is reinforced at the base and all the key stress points. There are six exterior pockets including three made with a mesh material.

This is the first product that is more suited for someone who doesn’t work with their tools. If you need a simple bag to keep all of your tools in, this is a good choice. Don’t be surprised that the quality is not what these others are though.Pros

  • Simple design to organize your home tools
  • Much lower price
  • Flexible mesh material allows pockets to stretch


  • Not made for professionals
  • Not as high of quality as other products

6. Custom LeatherCraft 1134 – Carpenter’s Tool Backpack

The Custom LeatherCraft 1134 is a Carpenter’s tool backpack with 41 pockets on the inside and seven on the outside to organize all of your tools and accessories. Two main zippered compartments provide a place for a cordless drill and battery in one and tools and parts in the other. The adjustable compression pocket stretches to fit bulky items.

This is a great solution for repair technicians and installers that need to carry tools and keep their hands free to climb ladders or carry equipment. A comfortable back support with padding and adjustable shoulder straps along with dual handles allow for easy carrying.

Here is another quality backpack that can have a lot of benefits to someone who works with their tools all the time. It’s a pretty close comparison to the one up above. See which one offers you more of what you want if this is the kind of product you are interested in.Pros

  • Easy to carry backpack
  • Keeps your hands free while transporting tools
  • Space for a cordless drill


  • Higher price tag than other products

7. BLACK+DECKER BDCMTSB – Wide-Mouth Matrix Storage Bag

BLACK+DECKER BDCMTSBThe BLACK+DECKER BDCMTSB Matrix is a wide-mouth storage bag with a durable plastic base. It is an easy way to store and transport the accessories of your Matrix System. There are two rigid dividers inside of the bag to help keep your tools separated. There is a handle on the top that you can use for carrying or an adjustable shoulder strap.

This is more of an entry-level product, but it is of a little higher quality than the option above. This could be a very helpful tool bag that you might get a longer life out of.Pros

  • Durable plastic base
  • Dividers inside to separate tools
  • More durable than other entry-level products


  • Not suited well for professionals

8. Custom LeatherCraft 1107 – 2 Bag Combo

The Custom LeatherCraft 1107 is a two bag combo that includes one 12″ x 4 1/2″, x 5 1/2″ bag and one 14″ x 5 1/2″ x 6″ bag. They are the perfect size to separate and organize your small parts and hand tools. It is a great option for plumbers, maintenance personnel, electricians, and general contractors. The bottom panels are reinforced with nylon. Strong web carry handles make carrying them easy.

If you are on a budget, you can’t beat getting two bags for such a low price. They don’t have all of the features that the others provide, but they would be perfect for someone who simply wants to keep all of their tools together in one place.Pros

  • Comes with two bags
  • Great for organizing tools at home
  • Very cheap price


  • Not a good option for a professional
  • Lower quality of materials

9. Stanley STST70574 – Soft Sided Tool Bag

The Stanley STST70574 is a 12″ soft sided tool bag that is perfect for carrying hand tools and other smaller items. Rubber foam covers the bottom keeping the bag sturdy and protecting the things inside from hard falls. There is an outer mesh pocket that works well for storing personal belongings, smaller tools, and accessories. An adjustable strap will let you easily access the contents inside, and there are comfortable handles padded with cotton for easy carrying.

Here’s another entry-level tool bag that might have more of the features that you are looking for. Make sure that you compare them and see which will provide you with what you need.Pros

  • Entry-level bag with many useful features
  • Easy to carry
  • Smaller size for someone that doesn’t have as many tools


  • Not suited for professional use

10. Custom LeatherCraft 1529 – Tool Bag Including a Center Tray

The Custom LeatherCraft 1529 is a tool bag that includes a 16″ center tray and 16 pockets. Eight pockets on the outside and eight pockets on the inside help to organize all of your tools and accessories. There is a main pocket with web loops to accommodate tools with large handles. It is great for storing wrenches, screwdrivers, pliers, meters, and other accessories while providing great access to them. There is a large side pocket for your bigger tools. There is a zippered compartment

The plastic center tray is 10” x 13 1/2” x 9” and has multiple compartments to store your most used tools. It helps to keep all of the clutter out of the bottom of your bag. A handle with extra padding and an adjustable shoulder strap provides plenty of comforts when you are carrying it.

This is more of a mid-level option. Personally, I would pick this one up before any of the ones that are cheaper than this. It offers more features than they do and seems to be of a little higher quality. If you are a professional, I’d go for something better though.Pros

  • Higher quality entry-level product
  • Removable plastic center tray
  • Easy to carry


  • Mid-level option may not work for all professionals

Best Tool Bag – Buyer’s Guide

I’ll start this off with advantages of owning a tool bag:

  • All your tools in one place: All of the tools that you own can be organized in one bag and not thrown all over the place, hiding from you when you need the most.
  • Ease of transport: It will suddenly become very easy to carry all of your tools with you where you need them.
  • Keeping tools safe: Having your tools in a waterproof bag will keep them safe from the harmful effects of both direct air contact and water.
  • Professional use: If you are someone that works with your tools you already know the importance of keeping them safe, organized, and clean.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Tool Bag

While you are reading through the tool bag reviews, you should keep all of these important characteristics of a tool bag in mind. Some of them will probably matter to you more than others depending on what you plan on using the tool bag for.

  • Material: Stronger bags are often made of materials like canvas, poly fabric, and nylon, just to name a few. Nylon and canvas are used the most. Choosing the best tool bag for you may depend partly on the tool bags durability. If you just a have a few tools that won’t take up much space or weigh very much, this may not matter to you at all. If you have a lot of heavy tools lying around make sure that you buy something made with durable materials.
  • Zippers: Having a lot of smaller tools can become a mess quickly if they aren’t secured in what you have them in. Check that the product you are looking at has a couple of zippered pockets and that the zippers are high quality. It won’t do any good to have a zippered pocket if it’s just going to break off.
  • Multiple Pockets: A bag with more pockets will let you organize your tools better. Each of them will have a place of their own. As long as you put them back when you are done using them, you will always know where they are. Find a bag that has enough pockets to give you options when it comes time to organize all of your tools in it.
  • Padded bottom: By having to pad on the bottom of your back you’ll be protecting your tools in case you every drop them. If they are all hand tools, you are unlikely to care but, if you have an expensive cordless drill in you bag and happen to drop it, you’ll wish that there was a layer of padding to help it survive.
  • Comfortable padded shoulder straps: Carrying around a heavy bag full of tools can be uncomfortable so you might as well find something to make the chore a little easier. Many bags offer padded shoulder straps, padded handles, and some are even built like backpacks. These are great for jobs that you need to carry your tools and materials and don’t want to make two trips. A backpack will free your hands up for other things you need.
  • Wheeled bags: Some bags are made like those wheeled suitcases, so you don’t actually have to carry all the weight. There are many places that this type of tool bag won’t go but you sure will appreciate it when you go somewhere that you can if you have a lot of tools.
  • Textured, padded handles: Textured handles can make them less slippery and help you avoid dropping your bag full of expensive tools. You’ll really regret it if that tool bag lands on your foot. Look for handles that have a non-slip texture and padding to make carrying your tools safer and easier.
  • Wide-mouth opening: If you have ever had a tool bag that had a small opening, you’ll already know how frustrating it can be trying to find your tools in the bottom of it. A wider mouth allows you to put your tools away easier and find them again when you need them.
  • Zippered compartments: If your tool and the accessory collection include many small items make sure that you buy a tool bag with many different zippered compartments to store it all in. This will work better than just having them all thrown in the bottom of your tool bag.
  • High capacity: It’s hard to visualize how much room all of your tools will take up. It’s probably safer to buy a bag that is too big for your tool collection than one that is too small. At least your tool collection may one day fill the bigger one up one day. It’s a pretty good excuse to buy more tools anyway.
  • Hooks and clips: Hooks and clips are helpful, but if they aren’t quality ones that are firmly attached to your bag, they will likely come off before long. Make sure that any bag you buy with hooks or clips has quality ones that won’t come off.


I hope that the buyer’s guide was able to help you think more deeply about what you want and need in a tool bag. I also hope that these reviews offered you some good insight into these products. Thanks for reading.

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