DeWalt impact wrench vs impact driver

Impact Wrench vs Impact Driver – Which is Best?

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Following the progress of society, more innovations reach our hands. There is a giant revolution brought by tool companies that have lately introduced both the impact wrenches and the impact drivers, which have completely replaced the older standard electric drills and other torque wrenches. Here you check the main differences of Impact Wrench vs Impact Driver.

The world has been driven by the strong desire of the people to have a lot more efficient tools that can guarantee accuracy, results, and less effort. This is what made the use of the impact wrenches and impact drivers more popular than ever.

Many tool companies have shifted their production lines to incorporate impact wrenches or drivers since they received so much attention. Impact wrenches and drivers work similarly to standard drills. They make use of repeated rotational blows, which allow for the multiplicity of torque. Let’s look at the unique features of each type separately.

What is an Impact Driver?

The world has evolved enough to see the impact drivers virtually on every workplace nowadays. There is a chance you could purchase an impact driver from any retailer available on the market and enjoy high-quality drilling all the time. There is also the possibility to identify their functioning by the special sound they are producing when drilling.

The impact drivers compared to the standard drills have enormous torque. This is an advantage that cannot be easily overseen. In reality, that means you can use the impact driver, which is a small tool, to dig a big hole or drive a bigger screw a lot easier than before. The impact drivers are also providing great versatility, which is a prerequisite for the tools of such broad use.

DeWalt Impact Driver
DEWALT Impact Driver

In case you need to operate an impact driver like a normal drill, then you simply have to add some bits, and your work done. You can even work one-handed and also stretch when the working position dictates so. The hammer mechanism that is apparent in every impact driver gives you enough forward pressure, so there is no need to exert lots of effort to direct the screw wherever you want it to be inserted.

What is an Impact Wrench?

Although sometimes called the “impact wrench”, it is also known as the “impact gun”. It is used daily by many craftsmen. This tool is essential in every DIY person’s arsenal. This is because you can always reach the rusty bolt that won’t pop out of the hole, or fix a project where multiple screws and bolts must be tightened and loosen at once.

An impact wrench is the only way to do these types of tasks efficiently. Modern impact wrenches are very safe to use, with easy-to-use handles that prevent serious injury during work.

DeWalt Impact Wrench Mechanic
DEWALT Impact Wrench

The impact wrench generates torque that is similar to those of impact drivers. They can drill holes in hard and strong materials, such as concrete, with a greater power than standard drills.

There are many types of impact wrenches, including electric, hydraulic, and pneumatic. These impact wrenches can rotate, producing powerful impulses that can easily break any material. Pneumatic impact wrenches, which require an air compressor in order to function, are usually more powerful. However, this is a distinct difference from impact drivers that cannot adjust external energy power to help them accomplish their task.

Impact Wrench vs Impact Driver

FeaturesImpact wrenchesImpact drivers
VersatilityCan be used anywhereThere is great versatility in their use, especially in drilling
SafetyThey offer great protection to the userThey are among the safest tools on the market
AccuracyVery accurate drillingOne of the most reliable tools
Working PrincipleRotational impulses succeeding one after the otherDirect pressure to the point you need the power
Suitable ForCarpentersWoodworkers and manufacturers
Type of OperationElectric, pneumatic or hydraulicOnly electric
Comfort of UseVery comfortable, less effort neededPortable machine with lots of ease on its use

Differences Between Impact Drivers and Impact Wrenches

The impact wrenches, as well as the impact drivers, are tools that related in the way they produce their toque and how they operate. But in reality, they serve different purposes for craftsmen.

All come down to what you need in your workplace and depending on the nature of your work. Let’s say that your projects are mostly about creating wooden artifacts. Then you probably require an impact driver. It is easier to connect steadily two pieces of wood by inserting long screws through their thickest ends.

Occasionally, the impact drivers can also be used the same way the impact wrenches are used. With the right types of bits attached to the driver, you can use it to screw bolts and lug nuts. With the impact driver, you can do both mechanic and carpentry tasks.

DeWalt Impact Driver Toolset
DEWALT Impact Driver Toolset

When talking about the impact wrench, then your options are limited to loosening and fastening nuts, bolts, and screws. The average impact wrench delivers, of course, more torque than the average impact driver (usually at least five times more), which sometimes can be used as an advantage to tighten the rustier screws that you may encounter.

There is also the incident of the sudden loss of handle with the use of impact wrenches. This done because of the intense rotational motion of the chuck that often comes with an unstable grip on the handle. That is why it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to drive screws through wood or other material by the single use of an impact wrench.

On the other hand, impact wrenches may not be enough for you to perform all the usual automotive and mechanic chores you may want. The impact wrench may overkill the modern screws, bolts, and nuts of your brand-new car, except if you are driving a 30-year-old working truck.

DeWalt Impact Wrench
DEWALT Impact Wrench in Use

Another possible drawback of the impact wrench could be the source of power. Since the most powerful type of impact wrench is the pneumatic one, then there is always the need for a competent air compressor that you must always carry with you.

On the other hand, the cordless impact wrench models are more expensive than different types, and their batteries don’t last as long as they should. Their torque is also limited compared to other kinds of impact wrenches.

Final Thoughts – Impact Wrench vs Impact Driver

It remains sure that most of the professionals would need the impact driver more than you are going to need the impact wrench. That, of course, refers to the average person who needs to perform some automotive and home furniture repairs always using the same tool.

On the other hand, an impact wrench is a powerful tool that will be needed only by special mechanics in their workplaces. The huge amount of torque produces good only for heavy-duty industrial use that a regular wrench could never deliver.

The use of an impact wrench is limited to loosening and fastening nuts and removing screws. It doesn’t offer the ability to drive screws or drill holes, making it a glorified one-trick pony. Sure, it’d be nice to own one, but an impact wrench would probably succumb to rust long before the average DIY-er can make regular use out of it.

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