What Kind of Saw Do I Need? (With Pictures)

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Occasionally, it is very difficult to know what the exact use of the hand saw could be. You may ask yourself: what kind of saw do I need? Learning how to choose and use a hand saw can be of great importance if you live in the suburbs, where your constant touch with nature is a prerequisite of a normal life.

First thing you require is identify all the various types of saws that are available for purchase online and check their special abilities to make sure they match your personal needs and tastes.

What Is The Type of Saw Compatible With Your Way of Life?

Worm Drive Saw

First, let us check the case of the Worm Drive Saw. This is a fantastic type of saw since it can give you enough torque to cut any kind of wooden part in a matter of seconds. This saw is having a powerful motor giving movement to a worm drive, which in turn makes the saw cutting the wood and giving you the exact results, you are waiting for.

Carpenters use this type of saw to perform outdoor activities where precision and speed are equally wanted to make sure you get the best available results from your job. Big branches of trees that need to be cut off and greater wooden surfaces that must be cut in smaller pieces are all chores that can be easily done with the use of this tool.

Hybrid Table Saw

The alternative to that could be the Hybrid Table Saw, which is primarily an indoor type of tool. This special type of saw has a bigger and foldable working table so that you have plenty of surfaces to cut the plywood to the desired size. The hybrid saw has also man moved parts and electrical moving parts so that you can choose the amount of effort given at any time.

You can always be controlling the situation. This type of saw has special adjustments to the speed of the cutting area and the depth of cutting. Not to mention that there is also an emergency button that stops the function of the saw in case of loss of stability. This is crucial for your safety when cutting wooden parts and remains the biggest advantage of using the Hybrid Table Saws in place of standard Worm Drive Saws.

Pole Saw

Finally, there is the case of the Pole Saw that is famous among the gardeners for its ability to be carried anywhere and reach remote places to cut branches and other wooden obstacles.

The Pole Saw is the most solid construction, being lightweight and offering you the chance to work overhead for many hours. It has a long pole where the movement directed to rotate the chain saw for perfect and precise cutting when you most need it.

Do You Need The Saw Horses?

A real companion in your cutting effort could be the Saw Horses that have recently taken the world market by storm. This device is made of wood or cast-iron materials to be durable and long-lasting to adverse weather conditions. It can adjust all types of saws to give you a stable working surface for your cutting job. The Saw Horses are an ancient invention, but lately, they have acquired new and improved features.

The legs are made of solid iron material and have special rubber covers to have better friction to the slippery floors. This gives you the change to stabilize your working surface and increase your grip when using the various types of saws. Sawhorses are an essential advantage for your safety and can give you more reasons always to use them when you need a precise and accurate job to be done.

Rubber Cover
Saw Horses Rubber Cover

Another great advantage of the sawhorses is their remote character. They are made of lightweight metal alloys and can be easily folded up and carried away with you, regardless of where your workplace may be. Their enhanced mobility is combined with the extreme remote functions of the modern types of saws and can virtually be used anywhere and under any weather conditions.

Never Forget About The Reciprocating Saw

The case of the Reciprocating Saw is special for the craftsmen around the globe. This type of saw gives more precision in woodcutting and can help you provide the right shape and detailing various kinds of decorative wooden parts.

Reciprocating Saw

The Reciprocating Saws equipped with powerful motors that are giving movement to a rotating saw that can cut wood in a matter of seconds. They are usually lightweight and can be carried away from the lab to serve all kinds of outdoor activities. Some of them are powered with special batteries and can be recharged to serve for long hours away from the special power supply. Other models feature a longer power cord to make sure you can work in distant places as well.

Now that you have seen all the types of saws being available for immediate purchase, this is your turn to decide which you should order. Your decision has to consider all your individual needs that determine the use of the saw in your everyday life. If you are a carpenter with a personal lab, then you require a Worm Drive Saw, or a Hybrid Table Saw that could be easily installed in your workplace.

In case you are a remote worker who needs to change workplaces and works mostly outdoors regularly, then the Pole Saws and Reciprocating Saws are the best options for your case. You must have distant access to objects and remain safe during the cutting procedure. Furthermore, your new saw must have lower energy requirements and be equipped with high-capacity batteries to help you work away from the power supply with the same ease.


Brand models of saws are giving you numerous advantages that you should always be aware of. Make sure you choose only the right quality tools to remain with you for more extended periods with less maintenance and service needed.

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